Funded by the European Space Agency, dotOcean investigates AIS+ to support Ports of the Future in cooperation with VITO

In February 2021, dotOcean and the European Space Agency signed a contract for a feasibility study for the Ports of the Future. Together with VITO, this study investigates the technical feasibility and economic viability of using space assets in combination with local radars and cameras to verify and improve AIS data. This AIS data is an important data stream for many port operations.

The solution is based on using current AIS signals fused with other data sources to improve current AIS data, hence AIS+, and deliver this to the customer via a separate API. Customers using this API receive an enriched AIS dataset.


More information, see https://business.esa.int/projects/ais-plus


Company information

dotOcean NV
Gistelsesteenweg 294 box 205
8200 Brugge

Contact: Koen Geirnaert, Managing Director

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