GraviProbe 2.0

This is a new GraviProbe version, deployed to determine geotechnical parameters of underwater soil layers.


Wireless communication for easy data transfer


Instant data visualisation

Cloud connected

Enhanced data integration with acoustics, data interpolation and data processing

Extra output

New output type: Static undrained shear strength (Su)

Improved design

Simplifying the use in the field

Complete kit

All-in-one kit including Dyneema® rope & GPS

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The GraviProbe analyzes underwater sediment layers during intrusion. Under its own weight it accelerates and penetrates fluid and consolidated mud layers.

The data acquired from on-board accelerometers, inclinometers and pressure sensors is feeding a dynamical model which determines the geotechnical parameters of the intruded medium.

New parameter since GraviProbe 2.0: Static Undrained Shear Strength (Su)


Depth: 3.5, 10, 20 or 35 bar

Dynamic Cone Penetration Resistance: 0 – 100000 Pa

Dynamic Undrained Shear Strength: 0 – 10000 Pa

Static Undrained Shear Strength (Su): 0 – 5000 Pa

Maximum Impact: 0 – 70 G

Acquisition: 5120 Hz Sample Rate

Communication: Wi-Fi

Memory: 16 GB MicroSDHC Internal Storage

Battery: 3x Li-Ion – 11,1 V – 2800 mAH

Autonomy: 10-12 Hours

Charge type: AC/DC charger

Material: Marine Grade 18/10 Stainless Steel (type 316) housing, polycarbonate & composite sensor components. Delrin and aluminium.


Size: Ø 50mm – L: 960mm – Weight: 8 kg

Ruggedized tablet supplied with Android App

Download the GraviProbe datasheet

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