MarSur – Enabling operations with multiple heterogeneous unmanned maritime assets – Triple Helix

dotOcean is proud to be a partner in the MarSur (Maritime Surveillance) research project by showing autonomous capabilities in port, coastal and border protection. This so called Triple Helix research project is a close cooperation between the customer (The Belgian Navy), academia (Royal Military Academy) and the Belgian industry (dotOcean). The research project is financed by the Royal Higher Institute for Defence.

The overall objective for dotOcean is to enable autonomous inspection of detected anomalies at sea. During the first phase of the research project, an autonomous vessel from dotOcean will be connected to an intelligent situational awareness system that uses data from various (existing) sensors, vessels and radar systems overlooking the North Sea.


“If an anomaly like an unauthorised vessel in a restricted area is detected, an action is triggered and will set off the autonomous vessel to inspect and identify the threat, allowing the Belgian Navy to fulfil their patrol task in a more advanced way” explains Koen Geirnaert, CEO of dotOcean.


This MarSur Triple Helix research project brings added value for dotOcean on several aspects: the ability to show autonomous capabilities in port, coastal and border protection, set-up a close cooperation with the RMA, KHID and Belgian Navy and leverage existing data and infrastructure to enable automated anomaly detection.


Company information

dotOcean NV
Gistelsesteenweg 294 box 205
8200 Brugge

Contact: Koen Geirnaert, Managing Director

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