This is the Calypso autonomous inflatable board, a multi sensor carrier platform.


Easy deployable inflatable platform, fits in a back pack


Mission planning and instant data visualisation via a tablet

Cloud control

Cloud navigation control, data visualization and storage

Multi sensor platform

Multiple sensors can be interfaced and visualised

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The Unmanned Survey Platform (USP) Calypso is an inflatable, full autonomous surface vehicle that can carry a wide range of sensors for hydrographic and environmental surveys.

The Calypso uses the Cloud Link subscription for the auto-navigation module, data visualization and storage.



Length board: 1800 mm

Width board: 925 mm

Weight kit:25 Kg

Payload kit:125 Kg

Speed: 3 Knots

Endurance: Minimum 4 hours @ 12V/100Ah

Control: Cloud control and R/C

R/C range: 5km open sight

Propulsion: 2x 12V underwater rotors

Data communication: 3G/4G, WiFi or local storage

Sensor mount: 2x Ø100mm moon pools

GPS accuracy (non RTK): 3000 mm

Echosounder accuracy: 50 mm

Echosounder resolution: 10 mm

Echosounder opening angle: 8 °

Compass accuracy: 2 °

Ruggedized tablet supplied with Android App

Download the Calypso datasheet

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