The DensX is used to determine the density of underwater soil layers.


High accurate X-ray density measurement


Live visualisation of density profile, depth, inclination, winch speed and cable tension

Cloud based visualisation

Interpolated mud grid and dredging volume

Complete Kit

Fully integrated and automated fast profiling system

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The DensX measures mud densities between 1.0 T/m³ and 1.4 T/m³ with an accuracy of 0.25 %.

The technology is based on X-ray and is a direct measurement method.

The X-ray technology does not suffer from strong
legislation restrictions like radioactive density measurement systems.

With a sampling speed of 10 Hz the system supports fast


Depth: 0 – 3.5 or 10 bar

Density: Range: 1 – 1.4 Kg/l

 Accuracy (1s measurement time) : -2.5 +2.5 ‰

 Stability, variation over temperature 5-40C: < 0.1%

X-ray system: Radiation (< 10 cm distance) <1 uSv/h

 X-ray voltage < 30 kV

 Power consumption < 20 W

 Security: X-ray activation 1 m under water

Acquisition: 10 Hz Sample Rate

Communication: Ethernet

Material: Marine Grade 18/10 Stainless Steel (type 316) housing

Size: Width 30 cm

 Depth 10 cm

 Length 80 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Download the DensX datasheet


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