Offshore and Energy

Pipe and cable laying

Soil structure has a strong impact on the pipe and cable laying operations. The type of seabed and its strength properties determine the efficiency, stability of the trenching process and the cable stability.
In preparation of cable laying projects a CPT soil investigation is conducted. The intermediate distance of the CPT measurement points is typical 1 kilometer or more and not covering the intermediate variations in the soil structure.
By installing measurement points with the GraviProbe along the cable route, additional geotechnical information from the seabed can be retrieved in order to better plan, control and execute the trenching. GraviProbe measurements are a cost effective and fast alternative for classic CPT tests to determine geotechnical parameters in the first meters of the seabed.

Monitoring structural health

Offshore wind farms are operating under harsh conditions. The monopole foundations needs to withstand external influences like weather, waves, load, and stresses. Monitoring the structural health conditions of the foundations by a sensor network provides the operator information on the status of the wind farm.
dotOcean developed a corrosion and vibration monitoring network based on Ethernet to the sensor. This topology creates a reliable and robust framework and allows a flexible configuration of sensors.
Based on standard components, a cost effective network can be installed to collect time stamped data. This data can be visualized and processed in a single software package or streamed online over the data platform Atlantis. The online platform for continuous monitoring allows a wide range of parameters. Load & strain, resonance frequencies and damping values, SCADA, wind & air, webcam, wave and current, grout and corrosion are examples of parameters already in use on wind farms.

Offshore construction

Offshore construction requires a range of underwater soil measurements to select the right construction technique. Thickness of the mud layers, soil and soil structure influence stability of the construction works. Knowing these parameters enables contractors to optimize construction stability and to work with the right equipment.
With the dotOcean GraviProbe system it is possible to accurately determine the characteristics of the underwater seabed in order to better calculate the construction stability.

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