Marine automation

Ship & control automation

On board a ship different navigation, survey and monitoring equipment is available. The equipment is installed by different vendors and often not compatible. Atlantis allows to interconnect these systems and synchronize and visualize their data on a single interface. The systems enhances the usability of onboard data in a cost effective way. Online streaming of data to a network and visualization equipment are implemented in a fast and easy-to-use system, resulting in optimized data and system management.
Acoustic measurement systems, position sensors (GPS, compass), weather data, mechanical measurements, detection sensors are systems that can be integrated by the Atlantis platform.

Monitoring structural health

Offshore installations are operating under harsh conditions. The structures above and under water need to withstand external influences like weather, waves, load, and stresses. Monitoring the structural health conditions of the structures by a sensor network provides the operator information on the status of the wind farm.
dotOcean developed a corrosion and vibration monitoring sensor network system network based on Ethernet to the sensor. This topology creates a reliable and robust framework and allows a flexible configuration of sensors. The online platform Atlantis for continuous monitoring allows a wide range of parameters. Load and strain, resonance frequencies and damping values, wind & air, webcam, wave & current, grout and corrosion are examples of parameters that are important for offshore construction monitoring.

Autonomous Surface Vehicle

dotOcean is currently developing an unmanned marine system, more information will follow soon.

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