Mine Burial

The underwater soil structure determines the bearing strength and burial of objects. In case of low strength mud, mines can sink into the sediment. The possible scenario of buried mines determines the tactics used for mine hunting and sweeping. On the other hand knowledge of the soil characteristics for mine burial creates a strategic advantage. Analyzing sediment and soil strength data results in smart and effective mine-operations.
The GraviProbe determines accurate the characteristics of the soft sediment layers. Bearing capacity is a parameter that is related to the cone penetration resistance measured by the GraviProbe.

Strategic deployment planning

The success of a military operation depends on preparation and planning. The soil strength determines the landing position in offshore to onshore operations. dotOcean offers a portable and compact system to analyze the best entry point for landing missions and amphibious warfare.
With the easy to use GraviProbe instrument it is possible to accurately determine the characteristics of the seabed in preparation of landing operations.

Autonomous Surface Vehicle

dotOcean is currently developing an unmanned marine system, more information will follow soon.

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